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What my clients say

Julie has been an amazing support to me and her sessions have completely changed my life.  She is such a friendly, warm, approachable person who made me feel at ease from the moment I met her. She very quickly understood what I was going through and has helped me understand why I was feeling so low and anxious.  Julie has made me really look at my life and how I can change things to help with my mental health. I now think of things differently which makes me deal with situations better.  Thank you Julie for all your support and help over the last 6 months.  I know you have been a huge part in my recovery and I really appreciate it.  I have found our sessions truly fascinating and how you can understand my mind better than I do!



Right from the start Julie made a connection between my childhood traumas and how they relate to my current life. She helped me understand how to listen to the little child inside me who was crying out to be heard. This has given me a completely new look on life and particularly how to be a better father to my own son. She is extremely skilled at relating to individual circumstances in a calm, relaxing and friendly way. Thank you Julie for giving me the inspiration to lead a better and more fulfilling life

Therapy with Julie has changed my life. The freedom away from everyday survival has given me opportunities I never (could have) imagined. The turmoil that was in my head has gone. Now I can hear and feel the real me. 

It is always easier to ignore your issues. Facing and confronting them can be hard and uncomfortable work. Yet Julie gives you the support and space to explore your feelings.  If you are prepared to challenge yourself and your expectations, I cannot think of anyone better to accompany you on that journey than Julie. Her help has enabled me to climb many personal mountains and for that I will always be truly grateful. 

Julie very quickly helped me to identify the parts of my life that were not working for me.  And we worked together to address the root causes.  Julie is a fantastic listener and I always felt I was in a safe non-judgmental environment.  Resulting from the therapy, I was able to make several changes to my life, leaving me much happier and feeling positive about everything.  Therapy is a 2-way street, and I welcomed being challenged about my thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and this was done is a very understanding, professional way.  I am grateful to Julie for her help and would thoroughly recommend her if you want your life to get better.  

Julie understood my problems very quickly, in a relaxed and warm environment.  She has given me the tools and confidence to look at my problems differently and alter my ways of dealing with them.  For anyone feeling depressed, anxious, or having issues in their lives, I would not hesitate to recommend Julie.  She is a fantastic listener and I personally will always be grateful for her help and guidance. 


I've been on a very long personal journey/battle, Julie has provided solutions to my ongoing issues and concerns like no other therapist I've worked with in the past.  Julie provides time, a safe place, never judging but always giving you the sense that she is fighting battles along side and with you.  I never feel like she is pushing, you never feel like you are being analysed or part of a process, you feel like a new friend is with you helping along the way.


I am a difficult character with many previous sessions and specialists under my belt, Julie has been the first to truly understand me as a person and work tirelessly to find solutions. You find that you can initially describe your problems as simple or as complex as you wish and she can disentangle them with clarity, Julie has an innate ability to boil concerns/issues down to a simple diagram or pointed descriptive narrative that makes complete sense.


I am still on that journey, but I've moved on leaps and bounds in the sessions I've had.  Never feeling lost but always feeling I'm on the way to a better life and a better me.  Thank you Julie.   


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