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Different Day, Same Fight?

If you are having troubles in your relationship you are not alone, most couples go through difficult periods and struggle from time to time.

Whether you are going through a rough patch or have reached a crisis point, couple therapy can help.

Could Couple Therapy Help Us?

With the every increasing demands and stressors of modern life, our most intimate relationships can begin to suffer. They often take the brunt of juggling long work hours, raising children, running a home and all the other expectations our busy lives now command.  Therefore, coming to therapy as a couple can provide uninterrupted time, support and guidance to work on your relationship.

The state of our intimate relationships are said to be the biggest determinant of our overall contentment in life. Couple therapy can help you to gain the understanding, knowledge and skills needed to have happy, healthy and passionate relationships, giving you the life and relationship you really want.  

I help couples...

  • learn how to deal with conflict and argue well

  • deal with the impact of a betrayal (such as an affair)

  • improve sexual intimacy and satisfaction 

  • reconnect following the arrival (birth of a new baby) or departure (leaving home) of children

My approach sets out to guide and coach couples to interact in new ways which create closeness and connection.  Using specific tools and techniques which research has shown to lead to a more satisfying and fulling relationship.

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